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wingting980's Journal

I am currently a 20 year old girl, biologically speaking. I attend CUNY Queens College for teaching and soon I hope to be in Speech Pathology to become a Speech Therapist teacher for young children. This probably roots to the fact that I have an Autistic sister, and a SLI [Speech Language Impairment] brother, and another brother that is just lazy...but seems to not always fully comprehend some minor things in school... Plus I really don't know of any other jobs that I would want to do...and can do...
I still do have a dream goal to have Voice acting as part of my career [on the side or full...I have no clue yet]

I love to listen to music...draw... make cosplays... do any kind of acting form [panels or on stage]... I do love helping people... even if sometimes I may act like I get annoyed by it... I overall just like making others around me happy...