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14th-Apr-2010 07:45 pm - Voice
Okay totally lost my voice. I shall take part in acting like Celty and type my messages...

More on CPAC2010 tooCollapse )
10th-Apr-2010 12:33 am - Random UPDATE NEWS RANT
Ahahaha~ Officially able to go to CPAC2010. So it'll be the cosplays of:
1. Thailand
2. Mainly Pirate UK
3. Singapore?!? I dunno

Anyways I wasn't able to get my own Pirate Hat..again.. things came up... SO!!! Yesh I'll be borrowing rindou_yume 's brother's Pirate hat LOLLLLL
I still look Epic, so, it's A-okay!
*shot for acting conceited for jokes*

Ahhh Soo many people spam post entries here~ I need to come here often to see what's up with everyone~
Totally forgot the wonders of LJ cut oTLCollapse )
Okay you know...some people seem to like to ruin good moments...

I am SOO pissed to beyond belief that I can't hold this in and needs to be voiced out...Only here can I express such things.

Read more...Collapse )GOD DAMN THE ****ing WANKERS!!! more enjoy my happiness~ <3Collapse )
ASDFHJKL Oh shit..it has come!!!!! OMGeeeeeeeee!! SO nervous and excited~ My 1st Fandub series.

I got casted as China in an APH fandub a while back. And now my boss is gonna be sending the scripts out really sooon~ omg omgggggggggg I am SO .... I DUNOOOO but nothing can describe it. Oh shit my cold better be gone before she sends it to me OMG!

Some of the cast people are very talented and nice..like this one guy...he's playing as Russia, U.K., AND France LOL!!!!! omg omg~ and some ppl are in another fandub I am gonna be in (FMA2-little Winry)

So yeah..that's all I just got the news today omg... Wish me luck peeps cuz China's the hardest vocal range ever for em DX

Ironic that I cosplay Korea and I voice China in a fandub LOL!!!!
7th-Dec-2009 10:39 am - MokuCon Report_12.06.2009
OKAY PEOPLE I AM TOO LAZY TO EDIT THIS ENTRY OUT...So, I'm just gonna give you a direct link to my dA journal post for Mokucon... this is for those who never to BARELY use dA Like how I am with LJ...LOL!

link to report:

AHAHA,,,, Haven't been on LJ.... I can't bare the pain of beign UNABLE to download stuff on the APH Community.... seriously... NOT allow to DL stuff on dad's PC!! DX

SO sorry for late replies to those that reply...

Other minor stuff...like Birthdays! READ PLEASE for b-days!!!Collapse )
OMG I will never play BUT!!! it's so epic...this game called "Team Fortress 2"!

Team Fortress and Greek/Lat. Class Miracle!!Collapse )
29th-Oct-2009 07:20 pm - FREEDOM!!!!

-dances- woot woot woot!!! Now I am free from this Studying thingy! XDDDD
9th-Oct-2009 04:35 pm - GREAT -APH Doodle Bag- DEPRESSION
Okay I soo wrote this in dA already, but some of you people don't have a deviantart account or have my account... or care to want my dA account... XDD

(and i try to LJ cut this entry...but LJ is being unfair and retarded to me..and not doing it properly...so I an sorry for hogging up the space...X___X)

Okay okay EMO Rora time now!!
it seems like Permanent sharpie markers are a LIE!!! my Korea started to smudge from the Tide-stain remover pen....

okay why is awesome-APH-fangirl-me even USING a Tide pen...well okay.... fate must really hate seeing me happi and proud... I was sitting in class wait for class to start and this girl i guess she tripped. And her chocolate milk splashes all over the inside of my bag...and a bit on the outside of my awesome bag...and partially on my left sleeve of my jacket. She felt really bad and offered me napkins and the Tide pen...LOL she seems more concern for my jacket while i was concern for my bag pffftttt!!! So as i was using the pen...yeah korma got a bit smudge...so now I'm afraid to put it into the wash...for fear of losing all my hard work...and well i kinda have to wash it cuz it smells like choco milk and stuff...some how i was surprise it didn't get on any of the drawings...but still...

I was soo in shock that I really wanted to cry...but I couldn't... OR its just hard for em to cry...so I think I am crying inside cuz i feel like crap atm...Now I'm desperately trying to find this type of thing that x_keynotes mentioned to me...it was some kind of tool or liquid you use to put over the stuff u draw on you clothes..bags...or anything dealing with cloth...to protect the drawing from fading or smudging...BUT I don't know the name of that stuff... does anyone know what it is called!!! it'll make my day...;___;

I would try to find a new canvas bag for me to doodle on...but I'm soo attached to that bag...and i got soo use to it it holds everything i need...and well its the bag that inspired me to DRAW APH on it... 4-5 days on it... I really don't know hat to do now... it's got a huge value to me 'cuz it's the 1ft doodled bag...it's APH...and everything i can think of but I really can't cuz my mind's in a mess...[LOLz sounds like I got dumped by my BF/lover pffttt!!!]

Aside from that KinoKuniya in Manhattan now has my England CD, so I have to go and pick it up...I'm happi for that...but it doesn't cover the sadness from my bag...

So cuz my mom went to the hospital to do a surgery to remove this thing from her throat...and noone was able to drive my little bro. to school...he missed school...So I did my morning class...went to Flushing to pick up my Blazer, my friend had, so I can use it for the cosplay meet this Saturday...then hurried home. Then i took my brother to go eat Teriyaki Chicken at eh Queens Center Mall...and went to 3-4 shops. My brother wanted to go to this new toy shop there and We manage to fins a Smurf plushie...so I bought it for my mom as a get well gift because she LOVES the Smurfs~ Jokie was her fave...but i think this one was just the every other smurf...BTU still it's SMURFS soo 8D DAMN that thing was expensive...but for mom it's a-okay!! 8D

Brother and I walked to the mall...Then i promised him to go back home by bus...but we took thew right bus BUT!! in the wrong direction...so the bus ride cost 9 bucks instead of 8.50...;___; a day with my brother is sooo expensive!!! DX but he was such a good kid today..no verbal abuse and remarks AND comment at me during the whole outing and helped me carry food to the table when we ate lunch...cuz that was the whole point in going to the mall in the 1st place!... Seems like he's good to me when it's just ME and HIM only...;____;


and...that's about it... okay i need to read more US/UK or UK/US fics and stuff...
omg America and U.K. are sooo effin' cute in the fanfictions...I'm always feeling all "awwww~" and giddy with joy when I read about them XDD
maybe that'll erase my pain and emoness from my bag...omg omg...-insert the 'Great APH-DOODLE-BAG Depression'-


I'm playing the McDonald's Monopoly game..I am hoping to win a good amount or any kind of money so it can be put to my family's new house...I am hoping and praying..and wishing it will happen...and I am hoping my bag can be saved...can be saved...
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